A Vending Machine for Your Office

Employees are more productive when they can get the snacks they want without leaving the office.

If you’re office isn’t near a convenience store or market, how often are people leaving to drive blocks or miles away to a store? Wouldn’t they prefer to get their snacks on site? A vending machine solves this problem.

A vending machine is also a great way to deal with all the problems related to the “community fridge”.

Do you worry about the “free snacks” trend, where companies offer soda as an employee benefit? It’s the “benefit” that could raise the health insurance premium as the employees gain weight. It’s better to offer fresh fruits as a benefit, and leave the less healthy options to vending machines. (Even whole grain snack crackers could be less healthy than something fresh.)

Vending machines are installed by an independent company, and refilled at regular intervals. There may be a revenue share with the company, as well.

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